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"Elizabeth is a better kisser than Adrian. Hands down. And Peter Wingfield is a better kisser than them all!"
- Stan Kirsch

Even Bill dropped inIt was inevitable that, sooner or later, an American con would feature in these pages. I had heard that they were different, horror stories abounded of huge, impersonal events where the security rivalled the Gestapo in their attitude to the people who had paid hard-earned cash to be abused by them. This may happen elsewhere, but Legacy 2000 was a con run by fans for the fans and, as such, carried no such perils. From the get-go, I felt right at home and many people were far too nice to my expanding ego with their comments about the site and the previous Smokin' Pen reports. The whole event had the air of a reunion of old friends - by now, quite true for me, but even the first-timers seemed to feel right at home.

As the emphasis was firmly on the backroom, with several sessions featuring Donna Lettow, Gillian Horvath and F. Braun McAsh, this was a con for the devoted. A special mention for F. Braun, whose sessions were far more interesting and informative than I could ever have imagined. After seeing him in Washington and Anthony de Longis in Brisbane, I shall watch the fights again with renewed interest.

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