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Highlander Highlander Highlander Highlander

The Auction and Other Photos

No words, just pictures.......

The Sword Classes

The Pen is mightier than the.. dowel? DeLongis explains Hold it this way - it works better Why do I bother?

The Opening Ceremony

I wonder if she's got a script THIS time? Waiting for something to happen Boy-girl-boy-girl

The Auction

A $5,000 dollar shirt It's quite good once you get started Waddya mean - Wingfield sprawls? The man was born to pose
Don't ask.  Just don't ask.... Sonja finds herself Immortalised in an unusual way
Elizabeth gets hooked on 'The Best Of Highlander' The girl works the crowd Auctioning the last Raven script

The Closing Ceremony

Lizzie and Val relax before the ceremony Valentine auctions a jacket The final roll-call Dunno what he said, but it must have been good....
Elizabeth cuts her birthday cake For organising the whole thing Slainte mhath Maureen sets out her priorities

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