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Bedtime Stories

We gathered back in the video room for a little bedtime reading. First up was Valentine Pelka, reading a couple of extracts from his contribution to the forthcoming Cast and Crew Anthology. If he wasn’t such a genuinely nice and self-deprecating man, I could find Valentine really irritating - he’s a fantastic actor, speaks fluent French, is a capable horseman, paints superbly and now proves that he can write exceedingly well. Has this man no flaws? No, I’m not going to spoil the stories, but I look forward to reading all of Valentine’s story. Probably through clenched teeth. Maureen Russell read from Anthony de Longis’ contribution, The Diary of Otavio Consone, an extract that covered Consone’s first encounter with Duncan MacLeod. Donna Lettow read an extract from Barricades, which will be the last Highlander novel unless another publisher picks up the marque. It is hoped to release it coincide with the premiere of Highlander 4, so we can but hope that it is. As for Barricades, suffice it to say that Donna’s obsession with Darius continues. Finally, a con attendee introduced as John from Indiana read an extract from F Braun McAsh’s story - which Maureen and Donna joked was a novella - about Hans Kirschner, Braun’s character in The Modern Prometheus. A little heavy on the military detail for my taste, but the extract had an interesting twist right at the end which I, for one, didn’t see coming.

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